Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Real Life Hero.

You taught all that you could to make me and Amruta good swimmers and I know you had big dreams.
I still remember the times you used to give me a Rs.2 bill each time I went for a swim in 2rd Grade, so that I swim at least for that. What a waste I was! :|
I get hungry after every swim even today, thinking about the wait for that Sunday swim session to get over so that you would buy me and Amruta a Frankee at Tibbs.
I want to go on that ride again standing just behind the scooter handle and revving the motionless handle sleeve as you used to speed up.
Its summer here now but I am still waiting for you to bring a big watermelon and I miss the Watermelon Mocktails you used to make.
Will you bring Kababs on Monday or Sankasthi even here and innocently tell mom you forgot about the DAY, while blinking one eyelid, signaling us the situation is under control :D
But at the same time why do you clap your hands and chant the Aarti during Ganapati at Aatya’s house?
I am happy that you trained me to eat everything. “You should be ready to eat anything that won’t kill you if need be and if you want to survive.” is what you said and I do.
I know how much you wanted to pursue engineering but couldn’t because of your love for swimming, but I am happy that I am able to pursue your dream.
You made me study hard for a motorbike and encouraged me to ride one and never bogged me down with safety issues or being overcautious about it, you can't imagine how lucky I feel about that!
I was stunned when you said “You can even play an Electric Guitar now that you play an Acoustic one”, without a hint of sarcasm in it. I was expecting being yelled at :P
I miss the times we used to fight with Aai and Amruta to watch those Sci-Fi movies together. I want to stay awake watching those movies again.
You are my real life hero, I am inspired by your decisions to go off track and explore new avenues, and be ready to face the downs.
I won’t call you the Best Dad in the world, you are my dad and that’s all I need…and really speaking the world is not enough!
Honestly this was something for Father’s Day, but neither of us felt anything special about wishing Fathers Day. “We enjoy every moment together, then why do we need a different day for that?!” is what he said. And I can’t agree more.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Skipping a beat!

She tried to walk away from me. I grabbed her wrist and pulled her to me. Pushing her firmly against the wall I slid my hand over her waist and looked into her eyes. She was trying to avoid looking straight at me, trying to push me away. I went near her, near enough that she could feel my warm breath on her neck. "Do you still love me?" I asked her, expecting an answer I already knew. Suddenly looking in my eyes as if searching its depth she asked "Why would you care!", and tears rolled down her soft, rosy cheeks, like dew drops falling off a rose petal.

Holding her hand I took it up and pressed it against my chest. "Do you feel that? It beats for you and you only. It skips a beat every time you smile, every time you laugh, when you are angry at me or when you cry. Because it cares, I care! And it will beat no more if you aren’t there to care for!"

She wasn't trying to push me away now. She just closed her eyes and cried. Putting my arms around her I hugged her tightly, tight enough for her to feel I will never go away from her, ever. Kissing her on the neck I let her rest in my arms till she stopped crying. With a soft ticklish blow of air in her ear I held her back, kissed her on the cheek and held her chin up. Sliding her hair behind her ear I wiped her wet cheeks and made her eyelids flicker with a soft blow of air on her eyes. She gave a soft smile, and it skipped a beat again.