Thursday, April 2, 2009

There's only 1 Formula!

My idea of a perfect sport is one which has power, team work, style, strategy, thrills, full of surprises & demands a lot of passion from you. If you know what I am talking about you must be a die hard Formula 1 fan. I had a craze for cars as all boys would, but I never thought I would end up like this, trying to recognize every car that passes by. I am a freak they say, hell yeah I am and I am proud of that. Gasoline runs through my veins not blood!
F1 has been in my life when they started showing it on DD Metro, thanks to Mr. Mallya and then came the problem of no alcohol advertisements on DD. No more F1 broadcasting. But I have my resources and am happy to be still in it!

Tell me one sport which gives the sports person more power than a 800bhp F1 car. Although the whole team is never in lime light, a F1 team has the most number of members related to it...more than even a Football team. You don't know when your car might give up or someone behind you might crash into you. The driver has to focus so much for the whole race, no breaks, no points in between, its a race to the end. If you survive you win, there's no second chance. And do I need to say anything about style? F1 drivers define the most powerful, stylish & inspiring people. For auto enthus the car in itself is a style quotient.

All this said Formula 1 has its share of downs, some badly written rules & some not at all sporty drivers. Who cares, its those drivers who make their way from the rear of the grid to the podium that make F1 what it is today!

If there's one sport I love & haven't still tried, its Formula 1 racing. "Ofcourse!" you would say. But its one thing I live for and want to try before I die, drive a F1 car, atleast for half a mile. You know what try this, put some fast music once you are in your car or on your bike and rev your babe each time the song goes upbeat, feel it, live it, and believe me its worth dying for! This video should help ;)