Tuesday, October 28, 2008

First Day of Diwali


Dhudum…….fataaak……..dhooom. “Wow” I woke up with a start. Its 5.00am already. “Quick I need to go to take a bath before amruta gets up, and where are my clothes?” I would look around to see if my new clothes are where I had kept them last night. How can I ever forget that day when I am so eager to get up early & dress up. Narak Chaturdashi or the first bath of Diwali was always mesmerizing for me. The excitement to dress up in new clothes, the thrill to burst all those crackers & the irresistible Faral(all the diwali delicacies), nothing can match it.
“Ohh there they are, ok lets do this fast” thought I. It used to take half an hour for me to bath that day….come on it was the day you have to take a “Royal Bath”. But no Utna(Special Diwali bathing powder) for me, so how was it a Royal Bath, well keep the soap for a longer time, effect is directly proportional to time! “Arrey jay lavkar baher ye na”(come out fast) screamed amruta. Once I came out amruta was ready to get in.
All dressed up I was ready to go,“Jay devala namaskar kelas ka?”(Did you pray before god?) said Aai in that tone which I am missing so much right now. “Haan haan karto”(Yes I’ll do it) and I would go in front of the Devhara mumble something I had learnt in school and then rocket out to make sure all the others were ready. Kuldeep, Amit, Chetan, Rohit were on my checklist. Once I made sure everyone was up its back to pavilion for some breakfast, rather Faral today. As I came just outside my house I saw Aai drawing her really, really awesome rangoli. She doesn’t need any colors, it’s the white rangoli & her hands that do all the magic.
Amruta was ready by the time I came home after the “Wake up round”. “Aye chal lavkar, zhali na tayyar?”(Come on, lets leave fast) I yelled at her. “Arrey thamb khaudey tila”(Wait let her eat) said Aai. And so we sat down for a plate full of options, Chakli, Shankarpali, Karanji, Chivda, Shev. “Evadha nakko, me thodach khanar”(I’ll won’t eat so much) said amruta. Ohh yes I was with amruta on this one. “Nantar alyavar khau”(We’ll eat after we come back). Stuffing one of each in our mouth & we vroomed out of the house. The crackers still bursting everywhere we were ready with all our ammunition. Distributed over all the days of Diwali I took out today’s arsenal.
Starting with the Lavangi the decibel level of crackers would go up but I never bought bombs, ‘atom bombs’ as they were called. Mainly because I was afraid of bombs! “Well let’s try something different today”, I thought, “no more bursting crackers in the open, lets cover it up with a box & invent a flying box”. Everyone laughed and gave a nod to do it. There were 4-5 boxes literally flying 6ft off the ground! “Aye don’t do that” yelled someone’s dad, “it’ll hurt somebody!” “Ok kaka” we replied in unison, as if we were the most obedient kids on earth. Waiting anxiously for kaka to go, one of us would give a signal to bring back the “Air Force”….. in air!
“What? Out of stock??”, I was searching for some single lavangis if at all there were some, but hard luck. And so was the case with everyone else. It was time to head to the temples now. Could there be any other way to flaunt our new clothes than to go to the mandirs! It was so awesome a brigade of around 10-15 kids going to 3 of the temples near us, Swami Mandir at Sena Bhavan, Sai Baba Mandir & Ganpati Mandir in Shivaji park. A visit to the Siddhivinayak Temple in Prabhadevi & Mahalakshmi Temple in Worli was on the cards in the evening, along with aai & baba! Although Baba is a ‘Nastik’(doesn't believe in god), he’s never reluctant to going to any temple, saying he loves the art & eats the Prasad as a sweet!

-->The Ganpati Mandir in shivaji park would be our last destination, because then we could walk around the park in that awesomely cool weather. If we could only go to Dadar Chowpatty, but then the clothes are destined to get dirty, so no way! On the way home we get to see so many familiar faces that we have to keep our hands up in the air the whole time, to wish each one of them, and of course people working at all the store’s in the area! Ahh yes this is one of those days when everyone has a smile on their face & is raring to greet you.
As amruta & I enter the house we see aai & baba calling up & greeting people over the phone. We chip in when it’s one of the mamas or aatya on the line. I still look back to that day in the Hindu calendar which brings everyone together to share their happiness and just hope that some day….. some day again I can relive my childhood diwali :’(

Thursday, October 23, 2008

When baba hits the right keys...

This is when I was in temporary accomodation at Teda, Rohit, Parashar & Vikas's House. Of course I was using their laptop for chatting & stuff. This conversation is when I was chatting with baba & then for a moment went to the bathroom. When I came back I saw Rohit, my senior on the laptop and he was talking to baba... as Jay!
"Let's have some fun" they said, "we'll get you a ticket back to India, now... lol". I knew baba, so I gave a 'go ahead' to Rohit.
Expecting some conservative answers to immature questions that he fired, Rohit tried to make baba serious....read on to find out more.

vishwanath takle: hey poraa.......
jay takle: hi
jay takle: how r u doing
jay takle: i am good
jay takle: i miss u all
vishwanath takle: so long, where were you?
jay takle: i was having a bath
jay takle: need to be clean
jay takle: these seniors are very picky about cleanliness
vishwanath takle: now there are very few days for you to go to your new accomodation
jay takle: yeah
jay takle: i am waiting for that anxiously
jay takle: these seniors are a pain
jay takle: they harass me
jay takle:
vishwanath takle: is it you or are your seniors chatting?
jay takle: na its me
jay takle: why whatz wrong ?
jay takle: is it english
jay takle: listen i am at rutgers now
jay takle: and my english needs to spick and span
jay takle: i am an anzreezi babu now
jay takle: understand my feelings
vishwanath takle: yes i know that you are trying to be angrejee
jay takle: thanks
jay takle: only expected from somebody like you
jay takle: so how r u doing ?
jay takle: kasa chalale aahe?
vishwanath takle: but there is a lot of difference between english people and americans
jay takle: aata tar tumhala khatri patdlieeee aslel ke meech jay? (At least now do you believe its me, jay?)
vishwanath takle:every thing is going ok.
vishwanath takle: ho ho.....  (yes, yes)
jay takle: aannkhin kay?  (what else?)
jay takle: kay chalu aahe sadhya? (what's going on these days?)
jay takle: aai kashi aahe? (How's mom?)
vishwanath takle: today I cleaned your wardrobe.
jay takle: and what did u find?
jay takle:
jay takle: dad thatz personal ...
jay takle:
vishwanath takle: aai is alright. She just came back from Pritesh dada's daughter's barasa.
vishwanath takle: I lined up your clothes
jay takle: aahhhh
jay takle: thanks dad u r the best
jay takle: i miss u baba
vishwanath takle: and I am planning to use some of them.
jay takle: not going to fit u
vishwanath takle: few I already tried.
jay takle: and are they still intact
jay takle: baba ek prashn veecharraycha hota? (Dad can I ask you a question)
vishwanath takle: so I am going to be very rich in clothes
jay takle: feerang soon chalel ka? (Will a feerang daughter-in-law do?)
vishwanath takle: yes you can ask anything. Do not be afraid, I was your friend before and now.
jay takle: veecharla na (I asked already)
jay takle: bagha tari (have a look)
jay takle: poonha veecharu ka? (shall I ask again?)
vishwanath takle: yes
jay takle: feerang soon chalel ka? (Will a feerang daughter-in-law do?)
vishwanath takle: a cha maila go on. (He excitedly told me to go on)
jay takle: ikadchya pori changlya aastat (The girls here are nice)
vishwanath takle: be bindhast. (No fear)
jay takle: photo patvoo ka? (should I send a photo?)
jay takle: ek changli pori disli aahe (I have seen a nice girl)
vishwanath takle: I know now that it is not jay, must be some senior.
jay takle: baba
jay takle: hey kay (what's this?)
jay takle: kay samjtata mala (what do you think of me)
jay takle: underestimate karu naka (don't underestimate me)
vishwanath takle: then give me key word what is my fathers name.
jay takle: harishchandra
jay takle: aankin kahi paheje (do you need anything else?)
jay takle: secret birth mark?
jay takle: aayechya babacha naav shantaraam (Mom's dad's name Shantaraam)
vishwanath takle: o.k I believe you. but remember that gory porgi baghun tichya mage gelas tar abhyasachi wat lagel. (but remember if you go after a girl because she's american you will screw up your studies)
jay takle: te thaaook aahe mala (I know that)
jay takle: me kadjee gheyen (I will take care)
jay takle: tashi hi aata aabhyasachi faarshi haus rahili nahi .. (anyways I am not really interested in studying anymore)
vishwanath takle: now I am confident that it's some one else.
jay takle: ask another question?
jay takle: veechara ki? (ask)
jay takle: aaj me mood madhe aahe (I am in mood today)
vishwanath takle: forget it ata mazi daru chi nasha utrel (forget it, this is just going to sober me up)
jay takle: ok ok
jay takle: back to jay mode
jay takle: it was lovely chatting with u uncle
jay takle: jay is safe sound and committed....
vishwanath takle: oho that's nice . I am happy that he is in good hands.

He really is Daddy Cool! 

Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Favourite lines from Testimonials for friends!

He used to take all my PJ's sportingly & he survived all of them :D , on the contrary he used to counter-PJ me :o , that was the best time in college that I have experienced.

-Ankit Varshney

Sneha does sometime make jokes that aren't so easy to understand, but she's one sporty gal when it comes to being a victim to the jokes, she just smile's making sure you are happy about making that joke! Kudos!


The best thing is that even when he wants to be mad at you, he'll shout alright but with an even bigger smile :D . So next time you break something in his house or do something wrong, don't worry you'll get a big smile in return!


I still remember the day we had our final conversation on Yahoo that made us roomies, the critical thing, that both of us were Fish Freaks. "Tula masey avadtat, arrey malapan avadtat", "khup jamega rang jab mil baithengey 3 yaar, tu, main aur apna paplet fry!"

About how much all 4 of us enjoy being together, we are gonna be roomies till we finish our Masters & I wouldn't stop from calling ourselves "The Perfect 4"!

-My Roomies

Ohh and beware of his eyes, at times he gives a "look" as if he's gonna eat you up, or hit you or something. Wearing a very serious look most of the time you are really lucky if you see him smiling or someone he'll love to be with if you can make him laugh!

He is the best guy to tell your jokes to, he’ll laugh & encourage you with each & every one you throw at him. Yes!! He is the Guru in making them too!


Indraneel, well most people call him Neel, but I still like to call him in full, he really is like the 7 colors of a rainbow, having in himself every color of life, full of enthu, knowledge, laughter, caring for all his friends, be there in times you need him the most.


We used to travel together to our jobs on Saturday mornings, & just about every morning she used to run with the bus from her house to the bus stop, at times with a glass of juice or a bowl of Cereals in her hands & would make it just on time!

He’s my roomie, my partner in singing our favorite song :P , accompanies me happily when I take out trash, the list is endless, but I really miss the days when we used to share a table in the hall & eat stuff from the kitchen like small kids making sure siddharth & indraneel wouldn’t know anything :D.


“Arrey tu asa ka kartos?”.....& I say “Kay?”..... “Nothing!”comes the answer. I get really confused when she does that! But then that’s Vaidehi for you. She’ll greet you with raised eyebrows & a big smile as if telling you she knows what you were up to!


Shivangi has a sweet tooth, and she is never indifferent to any specific sweet, she’s fair to everything that has sugar or chocolate in it :P . But yes, she’ll kill you :-X if you are eating a chocolate cake and don’t ask her for a piece.


This Punjaban is a dance freak & knows her stuff pretty well. She’s game for any dance social or club, but as I said if you have salsa music in the house, she won’t stop till the last guy gives up dancing!