Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A "Date" to remember!

Dark black skies... tiny stars flickering like diamonds... cool gusts of winds... and only the sound of splashing waves.

He was still looking up at the sky...amazed at the wonders god created up there...and then he turned his head to the side to find her sleeping besides him, '...and the beauties he created down here!'

This was their first date away from the chaotic city and the usual "date venues". Somewhere unique, somewhere quite is where she wanted to go.

"Why not!", he thought, "A private yacht, the open seas and just the 2 of us!"

His eyes were stuck on her, just couldn't take them away. She was nothing less than a Mermaid sleeping on the yacht deck. That Long Black Dress... her shoulder long wavy hair bouncing with the wind, and those eyelids like petals, flickered everytime the wind blew kissing them. Just looking at those red lips made him feel warm.

Turning on his side he smiled and kept staring at her.

"What?" she asked with a puzzled tone.

Giving an innocent nod, he ran his fingers through her hair and pushed them behind her ears. Quickly kissing her cheeks he slid himself back and started looking up at the stars.

"JAYY!!" she screamed.

Sliding near him she went up and looked in his eyes. Their eyes locked for a few seconds as if they were meeting each other for the very first time.

'How I would love to look in those eyes...every morning I woke up', she thought. 'Hmm, only if he ever proposes.'

With a big sigh she rested her head on his chest and opened up her eyes at the sky.

"You know what Jay, I like your eyes."

"Really?? Just my eyes? Thats it??" came a quick reply.

"Well, I don't want to go into the 'DETAILS', you know!!", she said tickling his tummy.

Both of them went on laughing for a while.

Taking his arm in her hands she hugged it tightly and kept gazing at the stars.
They continued looking up at the sky... no words... just the waves.

"You like the stars and the skies don't you?", he said holding one of her hands and playing with her fingers.

"Ohh I love to gaze at the skies, the stars, the planets... everything up there!" she said in excitement.

"Did you ever dream of going to the stars then? Or better, bringing them here?"

"Ohh, come on now Jay" she started, "don't start the 'I'll bring the stars for you' line. Thats too cheesy".

"Ohh NO!" he replied, with a devilish smile, "I am not going to. You are going to catch one for yourself."

"WHAT??" she yelled, "Are you serious?!" and started laughing.

"Come on. Play along this one time will you!" he said lifting up her hand.

"Open up your hand, grab the star you like the most and close it tightly!"

She looked at him. His eyes were pleading... something she couldn't resist.

"Is that kid in you ever going to grow?" she gave in, opening up her hand.

Looking up at the sky, she rolled her eyes a bit trying to choose a star from the millions up there. With a big 'Ahh' she closed her hand as if grabbing one.

"Here!" she said, showing her hand.

"Now give it to me", he wrapped his hand around hers as she smiled and opened her hand.

"Now what??", came a quick question, like a 5 year old.

"Now... about my eyes... You love them don't you! How would you like to look at them every day and every night... No one else... Just you and them!", he said opening up his hand.

"Will this star do??" he asked with a wide smile. He was holding a bright glittering Solitare Diamond Ring.

She wanted to smile and laugh, she really did, but her eyes couldn't hold the tears back. It was something she had always hoped for but this was too real, too surprising to be JUST happy.

She closed her eyes and started nodding as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"I want those eyes to look at me for the rest of my life Jay!", she whispered with her eyes still wet.

He kissed her forehead and touched his nose to hers looking deep in her eyes. Sliding the ring in her finger he hugged her tight enough to feel her heartbeats. They were louder, much louder than the waves now!