Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A "Date" to remember!

Dark black skies... tiny stars flickering like diamonds... cool gusts of winds... and only the sound of splashing waves.

He was still looking up at the sky...amazed at the wonders god created up there...and then he turned his head to the side to find her sleeping besides him, '...and the beauties he created down here!'

This was their first date away from the chaotic city and the usual "date venues". Somewhere unique, somewhere quite is where she wanted to go.

"Why not!", he thought, "A private yacht, the open seas and just the 2 of us!"

His eyes were stuck on her, just couldn't take them away. She was nothing less than a Mermaid sleeping on the yacht deck. That Long Black Dress... her shoulder long wavy hair bouncing with the wind, and those eyelids like petals, flickered everytime the wind blew kissing them. Just looking at those red lips made him feel warm.

Turning on his side he smiled and kept staring at her.

"What?" she asked with a puzzled tone.

Giving an innocent nod, he ran his fingers through her hair and pushed them behind her ears. Quickly kissing her cheeks he slid himself back and started looking up at the stars.

"JAYY!!" she screamed.

Sliding near him she went up and looked in his eyes. Their eyes locked for a few seconds as if they were meeting each other for the very first time.

'How I would love to look in those eyes...every morning I woke up', she thought. 'Hmm, only if he ever proposes.'

With a big sigh she rested her head on his chest and opened up her eyes at the sky.

"You know what Jay, I like your eyes."

"Really?? Just my eyes? Thats it??" came a quick reply.

"Well, I don't want to go into the 'DETAILS', you know!!", she said tickling his tummy.

Both of them went on laughing for a while.

Taking his arm in her hands she hugged it tightly and kept gazing at the stars.
They continued looking up at the sky... no words... just the waves.

"You like the stars and the skies don't you?", he said holding one of her hands and playing with her fingers.

"Ohh I love to gaze at the skies, the stars, the planets... everything up there!" she said in excitement.

"Did you ever dream of going to the stars then? Or better, bringing them here?"

"Ohh, come on now Jay" she started, "don't start the 'I'll bring the stars for you' line. Thats too cheesy".

"Ohh NO!" he replied, with a devilish smile, "I am not going to. You are going to catch one for yourself."

"WHAT??" she yelled, "Are you serious?!" and started laughing.

"Come on. Play along this one time will you!" he said lifting up her hand.

"Open up your hand, grab the star you like the most and close it tightly!"

She looked at him. His eyes were pleading... something she couldn't resist.

"Is that kid in you ever going to grow?" she gave in, opening up her hand.

Looking up at the sky, she rolled her eyes a bit trying to choose a star from the millions up there. With a big 'Ahh' she closed her hand as if grabbing one.

"Here!" she said, showing her hand.

"Now give it to me", he wrapped his hand around hers as she smiled and opened her hand.

"Now what??", came a quick question, like a 5 year old.

"Now... about my eyes... You love them don't you! How would you like to look at them every day and every night... No one else... Just you and them!", he said opening up his hand.

"Will this star do??" he asked with a wide smile. He was holding a bright glittering Solitare Diamond Ring.

She wanted to smile and laugh, she really did, but her eyes couldn't hold the tears back. It was something she had always hoped for but this was too real, too surprising to be JUST happy.

She closed her eyes and started nodding as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"I want those eyes to look at me for the rest of my life Jay!", she whispered with her eyes still wet.

He kissed her forehead and touched his nose to hers looking deep in her eyes. Sliding the ring in her finger he hugged her tight enough to feel her heartbeats. They were louder, much louder than the waves now!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Never old for Diwali

I sit in a small room of mine,
and look out of the windows big and fine.
The weather's cold and we have grown,
but has the kid inside us flown??

Do you feel like lighting a diya or two,
when the sky for fest of lights is blue?
Or do you just send a mail around,
wishing Diwali without a sound.

Can you still get up early on that day,
when you know its time to be "cracking" your way!

Do you feel like eating all the sweets,
karanji, laddoo and the chivada bits.

Do you miss friends coming to your house,
with a bag full of crackers and going to the grounds.

And don't you want to visit the gods,
to tell them how happy and thankful you are?

But I still sit in a room of mine,
looking at the clouds through the windows fine.

It is known that we have grown,
but the kid in us is too young to have flown!!

So dress your best, go out in the crowd,
open your mouth for some Diwali shouts.
Have some potlucks, give some gifts,
make sure your loved ones are always blissed!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Something to bring back from India

What should I bring when I come back here,
Asked me a friend who flew to her dears

Bring me those smiles I left tingling back
A jar full of laughs I shared with my pals

Those fights I had with my lovely Sis
That sharing with her of Ice-cream treats

Can you grab some grass on the garden I slept
while gazing at the stars and moon abreast

A handful of tears that dropped rolling down
when I fell off the swing or bursted laughing loud

A kilo of good times with friends in the park
and a litre of cold wind that felt like a spark

Can you bring that feeling of a big family
That makes me miss them like I never did

"These are all but feelings" she said
What else do I need from the land of bliss!

A smile, a cry, a culture to flaunt.
A reason to go back is all I want!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Know your Decepticons!

People told me that it was hard to make out who’s an Autobot and who’s a Decepticon as we came out of the theater…TRANSFORMERS 2! So I couldn’t stop myself from writing this down, not to mention the fact that I totally enjoy doing this. So here goes…

Symbols! Just about every Decepticon or Autobot introduced in the movie first has his symbol shown, which is a way to make things clear to people.



The wolf looking face covered symbol is for Decepticons. And the “looking straight into your eyes “confident symbol for Autobots. Most of the Transformers have their respective symbols on their hoods/chest.

Even I misunderstood that the Gray and dull colored machines are Decepticons, but that isn’t the case. There are a lot of them who have transformed themselves in the first machine they can scan and get transformed into. That’s why the green, yellow Decepticons.

Lets move according to the movie so that its easy to recollect the movie and relate the characters to the scenes.


Transformation mode: Construction Equipment

This is the first decepticon you’ll come across in the movie. The one which is sited in Shanghai and is the reason for a lot of devastation. Also he’s the one who references the “fallen” while dying, “The Fallen shall rise!”.


Transformer mode: Audi R8

The second Decepticon to be tracked, this one doesn’t get time to transform and is killed in its Car mode, by Sideswipe (Chevrolet Stingray), again in Shanghai.


This is the cat like Decept which puts small balls of robots through the air vent of the US Naval Base Stronghold to steal the only remaining fragment of the ‘All Spark’. Ravage returns in the last battle of the desert.


Transformation mode: Cybertronian Jet

Megatron as you might already know was thrown into the Laurentian Abyss to be frozen. But is brought back to life using that very last piece of the All Spark stolen from the US Naval Base.


Transformation mode: F-22 Raptor

He maintains a simian body shape with a large, triangular chest, large shoulders formed by the jet's distinctive twin tails and small bird-like feet. His chest is formed by the jet's nose. The jet's powerful main engines end up on his back, allowing him to leap great heights into the air and take flight. He is first sighted in this movie when Megatron shoots from the Laurentian Abyss to the Planet Cybertron.

The Fallen

One of the earliest transformer from Cybertron can also be termed as the founder of Decepticons. He tries to go against the Cybertronian rules of ‘not destroying suns which have a planet dependent on it’, and so named the Fallen. He can be only killed by a Prime (here Optimus Prime).


Not exactly the destructive Decepticon, he tries to steal the All Spark fragment from Mikaela’s shop safe. Sam and Mikaela then use him to find more about the truth of the hidden energy.

C-35 Helicopter

This helicopter too doesn’t get a chance to be transformed. You’ll see him taking Sam & Mikaela to Megatron, who are driving a silver car trying to get away from the female Decepticon.


This “bug” is also known as doctor and he inserts a small robotic worm through Sam’s nose which goes inside and gets info on Sam’s head projecting a holographic image of the location of the hidden energy source.


A giant robot formed by joining a bunch of construction machines together. This one you’ll see in the dying moments of the movie. It tries to uncover the Energy making machine made by the earlier ancestorial transformers under the Pyramid. Individually the Decepticons are:

Bonecrusher (Demolitions)
He transforms into a bulldozer.
He forms the left arm of

Scavenger (Mining and Salvage)
He transforms into an excavator.
He forms the right arm of Devastator.

Scrapper (Construction Engine)
He transforms into a wheeled front-load shovel.
He forms the right leg of Devastator

Hook (Surgical Engineer)
He transforms into a crane.
He forms the head and shoulders of Devastator.

Long Haul (Transport)
He transforms into a dump truck.
He forms the lower torso of Devastator.

Mixmaster (Materials Fabrication)
He transforms into a concrete mixer truck.
He forms the left leg of Devastator.


Transformation mode: Bulldozer.

You can recall him when Sam tries to talk to him in the desert battle while Bumblebee attacks him from behind.


This awesome bug started the first movie, and comes to help Megatron in this movie’s desert war too.


Transformation mode: Concerete Mixer

First "Starring" on one of the NY Bridges taking out a flag on that bridge when Megatron tells every Decepticon to come out in the open. Mixmaster is then destroyed by Jetfire, the SR-71 Blackbird old decepticon-turned-autobot.

All the other transformers you see in the movie are Autobots. So all the other green, yellow or any other color are not Decepticons. Any more questions are welcome, I would love to answer each and everyone!!! :D