Thursday, October 15, 2009

Never old for Diwali

I sit in a small room of mine,
and look out of the windows big and fine.
The weather's cold and we have grown,
but has the kid inside us flown??

Do you feel like lighting a diya or two,
when the sky for fest of lights is blue?
Or do you just send a mail around,
wishing Diwali without a sound.

Can you still get up early on that day,
when you know its time to be "cracking" your way!

Do you feel like eating all the sweets,
karanji, laddoo and the chivada bits.

Do you miss friends coming to your house,
with a bag full of crackers and going to the grounds.

And don't you want to visit the gods,
to tell them how happy and thankful you are?

But I still sit in a room of mine,
looking at the clouds through the windows fine.

It is known that we have grown,
but the kid in us is too young to have flown!!

So dress your best, go out in the crowd,
open your mouth for some Diwali shouts.
Have some potlucks, give some gifts,
make sure your loved ones are always blissed!!