Friday, July 12, 2013

The Fight!

LIFE!! Who said you are living life?? You are not living it, you are fighting it. This whole setup is a fight with life. You will get punched and kicked, you'll get'll even feel suffocated at a point. Its up to you how to fight back.

Sure your family and friends will be there, but they'll just be spectators. They will be happy for you when you punch life straight in the face and are glorious for that moment. They will cheer and give you hope when you are suffocating because of a kick in the ribs and feel you are in the worst of conditions. But that's it!

One thing you have to remember is that you are not going to win this match, NEVER! But you can definitely make it a memorable one. Take time outs like you would in a Boxing match, talk with your family and friends, spend and cherish time with them; kick your opponent hard, become famous and be known for your unique ways to face life; at the same time be ready to take the knockouts life has to offer you... its all about surviving to see and do more. A person exists only for a lifetime, but his actions are remembered for generations.

Don't think you are alone, know that you are alone! Family and friends can only cry for you, pray for you, advise you or be happy for you, but they cannot fight for you. It's you all the way to the end.

Know that you will not win and that's why you have nothing to lose. So live every second, kick life hard, make it remember you! ;)


Prafull said...

This whole setup is not a fight with LIFE, but an affair with LIFE. You will get smooched and kissed. You will be dazzled to see how beautiful she is !! At times, you will be choked by her love for you. It's upto you how much you love her back !!!

Your family and friends would always be there, watching you enjoy every moment with "her"!! They might, at times, envy you for, you love her so much, you love her more than anything else !!

One thing you know in your heart that you can not love her as much as she loves you. Sometimes, you will hate her. But, you can definitely make up to her. Take her out on adventurous trips, hold her tight on that roller-coaster ride, and tell her how much you love her! It's all about loving her!!!

You are NOT alone. She is always with you, even when you are having fun with Friends or celebrating with family !!! She is happy to see you happy.

Know that she will not leave you unless you want her to. So... as long as you have her, love her ! Love her so much as nobody else in the world would ever have loved anyone !!!

S.Wagh said...

Sab moha maya hai bhai, sab moh maya hai.. hum toh moksha chahte hai :)

Jay Takle said...

I have experienced more punches than smooches. And one thing I have experienced is that its not a rosy life for everyone... they spend just about 90% of their time fighting the odds just to keep the family alive!
And this description you wrote is good for a girl who enters your life not LIFE ;)

Vishnuvardhanan Vijayakumar said...

Jay, are you coaching a football or boxing team this semester ? It really charged my nerves. Tell me something, do you pump your mind with this thought before pumping weights ?

Jay Takle said...

Haha, no rey Vishnu. But I do think about this when something is not going the way I intended it to!

Prafull said...

10 years ago, I had the same outlook as I was getting kicked and punched.
Then, I used to say "...Life is not rosy for everyone!". Today, I would say "It could have been worse!"
I guess the transition was easier for me because I accepted whatever came my way without thinking what I really want (read "my dreams").
It becomes even harder if you want to follow your dreams and not accept whatever life throws at you.
About the girl - Well, that's for some other day...

謝雅柏 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

SEV said...

I think.. One's definition of winning a fight is what decides the victor.

And, of course, could decide whether you're going to continue fighting :)